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Privacy Notice

We want to give you the best possible experience. We use the information you share with us, to make our services and experience, even better. The purpose of this Privacy Statement is for you, how we may use your information, our dedication to protect your data, you have control over your information, and protects your privacy options a clear view.

We collect information about your

We use the information for various purposes, such as to process your order, to invite you to our events, send your marketing gold fell to the information you provide in any freebie promotional prize ( "prize giveaways") message. Here we - outlined the information we collect and how we obtenir it from you.

Information you provide

If you register an account, we will ask your name, such as personal information, e-mail address, telephone number, gender, date of birth and personal preferences.

When you use our services, to your personal information, such as posting your address and payment information provided to us, when our online store and ordering your e-mail address to enroll in our game or in a newsletter. If you have been in correspondence contacting the contrary, we will register with our customer service.

We also provide some Quebec application allows you to upload and / or storing some information. Depending on the application, this information may include opposite motion data and physical measurements, such as weight, height and heart rate. We will only use applications such sensitive information on this page you provide a good function. Before any further use of such information will be subject to your explicit and informed consent.

By providing a good last name and / or city / town, or any other details, such as your photo, you expressly agree to use such personal information, including sensitive personal information, images or promotional material - other relevant information for our promotional purposes Qui may include digital and online media, print media, associated with prize giveaways or promotional activities connected to social media. The Terms, and your participation in conduct contrary applies to use your information for the purpose of the paper Community conditions. )

The terms and conditions of your participation in community settings Adidas more information that may win prizes and the associated rights and obligations to participate in your community.

Information we receive through interaction with our

The information we collect when you could swim in Australia with our brand, websites and applications, and how to use 'em to interact. This information includes:

Website: We will collect information about the websites you visit, and how to use 'em information. Visit our website results in the transmission from your browser to our server data. This information allows us to optimize as much as possible and highly personalized service and to improve our website and your experience.

Cookies and identifiers - Other: We and our partners use various technologies to collect and store information when you visit our website or use our application, which may include one or more Cookie or - other identification to your device. If you want to learn more about our use of cookies and how to disable and identifiers EM click here. - [Link to a page dedicated Cookie, Annex 1]

How do we use your information

You interact with us, we use your information and analysis to provide and improve our services, and a variety of purposes as detailed below:

Process your order: We use the information, such as name, address and payment details to process and deliver your order and notify you of the status of the order. Australian swimmers can we use your information to your credit rating for Quebec we may use third parties.

Customer service: If you touch our customer service (and vice versa), we will use the information, such as your order information and a touch of history to process your request, and with the best service for you.

Other services: We may use your information with you - from our service requirements, such as promotions, community members, events and applications for you. This may include process your submission contest, prize giveaways and promotional activities, with a touch of your event details, and use your favorite location information (such as running applications) for our mobile applications.

What kind of information, you interact with our brand way for us to provide valuable information about your interests and preferences of. Insight in this gives us the opportunity to provide you with the best possible experience. To understand you and your interests, we analyze your use of various information, and our overall brand linkage such as your age, location, purchase orders and have your product reviews, your social media accounts and Quebec application, and you use of the site and how you use them. If you - have agreed to this, we used to send information about the product that you traded, activities, prize giveaways and promotions personalized information. We will conduct contrary summary information based on your, for creating about how consumers use our products and experience our brands summary report.

What kind of messages: these messages, we will send you a personalized and described above them based on your personal preferences and interests. Direct marketing information peut our products and services, activities, promotions and prize giveaways 金阿迪达斯 news advertising information. Australia Swimming we use channels can poll and understand our Adidas your experience.

Other uses: as long as required by law, we will ask for your consent if we want to use your information purposes rather than - other lists in this privacy statement.

You are in control

Fair competition and transparency are our significant. We want transparent information we collect and our goal is to provide you with a clear option to access your information, edit or delete it, or exercise your rights with respect to any other information you may have.

Access and correction of information

As long as you - have ordered a product or service or register an account with us, you can visit one of our sites a lot of your information. Generally our website, you render add, update, or delete your information we have options.

As long as any information we may - you are not available through our website, you can send us through any fee request access to the information we

After receiving send your request, we will verify your identity, and we have about you with an overview of the information you provide. This will include an overview of the purpose of the information being used for the Quebec EST, sources of information and communications technologies and container information.

In transmitting the received message, you can choose to exercise their rights, such as the request to modify some of the information is incorrect or blocked, gold disassembly information.

Unsubscribe and opt-out

All our marketing communication contenir a simple way to receiving the transmitted message, for example by a Quebec link, you can unsubscribe opt out. You can also choose illustrated, in this particular channel message received on the channel (such as SMS or e-mail). Some of our (mobile) applications may also send you messages, including push message. You can phone or set the application to disable paper message, or choose to delete the application stops transmitting and receiving messages.

If you want from all our messages and use your information for the purpose of marketing you opt out of a total requirement can use the unsubscribe link contained in the message that you received or if you can contact us:

Share Information

We treat you with caution and confidentiality of data is not shared with third parties - other than data or when you explicitly addressed in this Privacy Statement you expressly agree to the case.

With - Adidas Group entity or other partners

We would like to share as well as members of our anonymous Adidas Group or our partners - other consumers gather information, such as for trend analysis. This data is anonymous and counting is not backed up to individual consumers.

With service providers

We use our process data representing a plurality of Quebec companies, such as hosting companies, delivery services, payment providers and credit rating agencies. These companies use our information on your behalf, and is subject to strict rules, they need to adhere to process your information. These companies are forbidden to use the data in any other way not every Adidas instructions. When the data is stored outside the EEA, for example, in the United States, we will provide an appropriate level of protection of data transmitted.

Legal and law enforcement

Adidas is not a law enforcement agency or voluntary requirements to disclose personal information to third parties, only the data from the law enforcement agency or a court injunction valid disclosure order.

Your consent

We will only further top companies or individuals to share information when we have your consent to do so effectively. For example, we share the company's information might look like a fitness center, if you and your consent to us.

Social Network

Our websites and applications may come from different social networks and social plug-ins for you. If you select (by registering an account, for example) to interact with the social network, you are on our site or through the activities of our application will be available to Australian swimming social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you are logged in one of these social networks, you visit our website or during one of the applications, social networks may add this information to your individual profile to the network. If you are using an interactive social plugins, this information will be transferred to the social network. If you do not want such data transmission, on the social networks you into one of our sites or applications, before cancellation.

We also offer the opportunity through your social network accounts (such as Facebook) to create an account Adidas. This will save you the time to create Adidas account because your login credentials will import your social network account. Note that when you use this "sign of social" option, Adidas can get some information, such as name, age, geographic location social networking, hobbies, occupation, and your public image - additional information, and it is possible to carry out Instead of accessing the pictures on your social network or your friends list. This information is not Adidas request object is achieved by the use of social networks by setting social login options. When you use social login option, Adidas will only be necessary to import your account information and Adidas creation, receiving the information received discard any other information through social networks. After creating an account, you'll have the opportunity to work with you to share with us any information to supplement it.

For more information about the collection and transfer of those personal data, please read the privacy policies of social networks, what rights you have, how do you achieve satisfactory completion of privacy settings.


Our websites and applications use to reposition technology. This allows us to show our viewers that they are in our shop, interested in our products, from our advertising partner sites. We believe Que Le a personalized, interest-based advertising display for our customers than advertising does not have a personal connection is more interesting.

We also work with companies - those that use other tracking technologies, we serve ads on behalf of the Internet. These companies may collect information about your visit to our Web site or application, and communication with us, including interactive advertising information.

Re-positioning technology based on your past online behavior analysis of your cookies and display advertising. [Click here to find information about how to disable cookies and repositioning instructions further information at the top - Accessories link the cookie.


We are committed to protecting your information and appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your information refuting any loss, alteration, access or misuse. Under normal circumstances, we will keep your information, calculated from the last time you interact with us, unless limited by a process along the retention period required by law or legal process required two years.

Contact Information

If you have any information about our use of your question, how to exercise their rights, or our privacy statement, please contact us at:

This policy change

Adidas has pledged to adhere to the basic principles of privacy and data protection. This is why we regularly review our online privacy statement to make sure it is free of errors and is clearly visible on the site, which contains all the required information, it is fully realized, and in line with data protection principles. This privacy statement from time to keep pace with new development opportunities, and with the Internet and remain in compliance with current regulations to change the time. Significant exchange policy will be posted on our website along with the updated version of the online privacy statement.

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